Topics of Interest


Abstract submissions were invited for research relating to the following topics. The research submitted has determined how the following topics have been organised to form the conference programme.

  • Research that highlights and quantifies the triple bottom-line benefits of successful refurbishment
  • Motivating stakeholders to deliver change
  • Visionary ideas to overcome supply and demand side challenges
  • Reducing the rebound effect
  • Evaluating trade-offs between embodied and operational energy
  • Avoiding unintended consequences that have impacted upon the reputation of the refurbishment sector
  • Reducing disruption and enabling business continuity
  • Ensuring resilience is built in to successful refurbishment strategies
  • Accelerating job creation and boosting local economic growth through supply chain development
  • Incorporating inhabitants’ practices into domestic retrofit


  • Evaluation of voluntary programmes for retrofits
  • Customer motivations and impediments to undertake retrofits
  • Policy measures and policy instruments that encourage retrofit
  • Funding refurbishment
  • Comparison of cost-optimal and net-zero retrofit
  • Removing roadblocks from government, planning and finance and developing collaborative approaches
  • Cost effectiveness / financial viability of retrofit
  • Green finance and leasing
  • Integration of neighbourhood and city scale refurbishment
  • Securing private sector investment for large-scale refurbishment
  • Future socio-economic trends that impact on the drivers for uptake of refurbishment
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